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School Report 2013/14

School Reporters are currently working on their reports for this year, check back soon to see their work!
The next School Report News Day is on 27th March 2014.

The articles below are from 2013

Jordan and George

The articles below are from 2012

Olympic Learning

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Jordan, Lee and Harry

Students Get Set to Go!

At the end of the school year Droitwich Spa High School give money to spend on two main hubs; Enrichment and Environment.

REV week is where students get to go on a trip of their choice; a sheet is given and there is an opportunity to see the most popular place that most people want to go.

Here are a couple of the choices: bowling, theme parks, water parks, rock climbing and sailing plus many more.

Tom B

The articles below are from 2011

Happy Birthday to us!

2011 marks the 40th anniversary of Droitwich Spa High School and to celebrate this fantastic milestone the school is planning on holding a series of special events this summer for all members of our community:

• Tours around the school
• Stalls run by students
• Opportunities to meet former colleagues and students from past years
• Displays of old photographs and other memorabilia
• Opportunities to purchase 40th anniversary souvenirs
• Grand opening of a peace garden in honour of former teachers and students
• Team games including quizzes, 5-a-side football, cricket, inclusion centre cycling and rowing and a fun run along the canal

We asked our Headteacher Mrs Waters what this milestone means to her. She said: "Any school should be an optimistic place and here at Droitwich Spa High School we have been that for almost half a century. Schools deal with people who have got their lives before them and in a situation like that there has got to be hope. I think that at Droitwich we've got that optimism but it isn't only that, we've got realism as well. Hope alone isn't enough. It's got to be quite hard edged at times and that balance is something which I think this school has always done well."

Our school would like to invite members of the local community to these events to celebrate Droitwich Spa High School's special event on Saturday 9th July.

Jess, Chelsea and Jess

A link spanning the life of our school

"Droitwich Spa High School first opened in 1971 which means this year is our 40th birthday!

In 1972 my Grandad John Terry became Deputy Headteacher. This was also the year that my dad (Andrew Terry) joined as a student. Andrew's sister (Rachel Terry) joined in 1976. My mum (Tanya Terry) also attended the school.

Now I am also a student here at Droitwich Spa High School. I am proud to be a student here as it is a wonderful school and it has a friendly environment."
(See my video interview with my Grandad)


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Our School

Droitwich Spa High School is a beautiful, natural and sociable environment for children to have their own space to emerge into adulthood. Here are some pictures to display this:

To the left are the school fields, complete with an Olympic sized running track for athletics and other sports as well as plenty of grass area for children to enjoy summer months in the outdoors during lunchtimes.

As Droitwich Spa High School is a specialist Sports College, it is essential for us to have the correct facilities for our specialities, so that the children can keep fit and healthy.

This is one of the two technology departments, fully equipped with all of the essential utensils such as sewing machines, brazing hearths, and cookery areas so that children can do practical tasks to enrich their understanding.

To the right is but one of the many natural areas, where children can indulge in the natural environment that we are lucky enough to have surrounding the school.

This is taken from the entrance to the school. This year we will be celebrating in many different ways, the school's 40th anniversary. There is another report on this in greater detail.

We are fortunate enough to have a stream through the school. This bridge crosses to some tennis and netball courts which then leads onto an extensive field.

This is one the outdoor areas where children can enjoy socialising with their friends, being in the outdoors and eating their lunch as well. This kind of thing is perfect for the summer.

Here is another example of an outdoor area just outside of the Modern Foreign Languages department, where we teach French and German and other languages after school. We also have two playground for children to play sports on during the Autumn and Winter.

Alice, Ruth, Holly, Jordan, Lee, and Harry

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Doing our bit for those less fortunate

Comic relief raised a massive 74 million pounds last Friday, on Red Nose Day. This year David Cameron and other famous celebrities up'd their game to raise money for people in Africa, living in poverty and for some young carers in the UK.

Also, our school donated to comic relief by having a non-school uniform day, giving in £1 to wear non-school clothes, preferably red! And in the last few weeks we have been raising money for a charity called St. Richards Hospice. It is also a hospital for children with serious death-threatening ailments, giving money to their families to make life easier after their child has passed on. The charity gave us £5 each to creatively think of an idea to raise funds for the charity. "Flourishing fivers"! Many people doubled their money and some classes even raised more than one thousand pounds over the last few years! And with many more year of fun raising set to come, we should certainly do our part!

Harry and Jordan

Trim trail at DSHS

Work has recently started on Droitwich Spa High School's brand new Trim Trail after success in the national Design My Break competition.

The trail, which will be built on school grounds along the running track, is designed to make the students more active.

Director of Specialism/Subject Leader, Mrs Brotherston:

"We are all excited about the Trim Trail that will be a great opportunity for students to be physically active,enjoy themselves and learn how to respect each other and the new equipment during lunchtimes."

"Sports College funding has enabled this to happen and it was planned by students as part of the National 'Design my Break' competition and we are also very excited to be going to the Final rounds by the Olympic Stadium on June 6th."

We are certainly looking forward to enjoying the activities it will provide during our lunchtimes!

Kelsey, Britt, Steph and Faye

The life of a young carer

"Hello my name is Lewis and I'm a young carer for my mother; she has a disability with her back and we are trying to get an extension for our house. I do not like waking up and not seeing my mother, I want to see my mum downstairs and happy because sometimes she is not happy.

"I help her around the house and I count her tablets to make sure she has the right ones but most of all we as a family love and care for her because we want to make the best for her.

"I have friends on my side and although I wish life was easier sometimes our life is the best because we spend lots of time together as a family

"I love having the chance to take part in BBC School Report through my school to let me get my views across and I thank you for reading."